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CCTV & Home Buyers Drain Surveys


CCTV drain surveys

MJ Abbott offer CCTV drain surveys using the latest Mini-Cam camera systems. These utilise either “push” cameras for up to 200mm (8 inch) diameter drains or “crawler” cameras for larger drains. These cameras allow close inspection of the inside of the drains and manholes to ascertain their condition, with the ability to record either video or still images direct to an integral hard drive for transfer to DVD or memory stick for the customer to view. Our camera systems are equipped with WinCan V8 pipe inspection software allowing our inspection reports to be presented in a clear and concise format.

Home buyers’ pre-purchase drain surveys

CCTV drain surveys can be undertaken for home buyers’ reports or pre-purchase surveys to give the potential purchaser and the mortgage lender peace of mind that the property’s drains are in good condition, to view the drains following a blockage removal, or simply as part of an ongoing maintenance programme.

Mini-Cam drain camera console

CCTV drain camera in action